The Fund Family


Ben W. Blanton (Indiana)                   
Edith H. Bowles, Vice President (District of Columbia)
Aidan A. Clowes (Vermont)
Alexander W. Clowes, Treasurer (California)  
Douglas S. Clowes (Massachusetts)
Edith W. Clowes (Virginia)
Jonathan J. Clowes, President (Maine)
Samuel C. Huneke, Secretary (California)          
Carolyn M. Osteen (Massachusetts)    
Donna L. Wiley (Massachusetts)

William H. Marshall, Director Emeritus (Indiana)

Staff (bios)

Elizabeth A. Casselman, Executive Director (Indiana)

Megan Briggs Reilly, Program Officer (Massachusetts) 

Erin M. Trisler, Program Manager (Indiana)

Patricia M. Alonso, Program Assistant (Indiana)

Hannah H. Blalock, Program Intern (Indiana)

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